Corporate Responsibility

Respect for the community

  • The social responsibility practice in GSP Holding represents a continuous improvement of its relationship with the local communities where they activate, by its operations, products and services executed in close interaction with its employees, shareholders, customers and partners.
  • GSP Holding considers that a part of its success is due to the respect for the communities where they operate. We are using all our resources and capabilities to help the people take part in the society’s life.
  • As GSP Holding activates at global level, we adapt our services to support the communities according to the specific local conditions.
  • As our people are part of the community, our services represent answers to the community’s requirements. We are trying to contribute to the community’s welfare by all our available means.

Care for the environment

  • GSP Holding’ s social responsibility policies impose high standards in its activity, which involves a positive impact both on the surrounding environment and people.
  • By an efficient control, we are trying to reduce to minimum the impact our activity might have on the environment – at global, national or local level.
  • GSP Holding’ s vision may become reality only if we take care of our employees, collaborators, partners and environment.
  • We are doing our best so that our equipment exceed – where possible – the national and/or international safety standards.

Employees’ protection

  • GSP Holding manifests a continuous concern for social projects.
  • Being a responsible company, GSP Holding has involved actively, even since its establishment, in numerous social responsibility projects, in various fields, such as: education, culture, health, civic behavior and social events.